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#FashionBomb: (notitle)


@badgalriri #Rihanna was spied at JFK airport in #offwhite x @warbyparker sunglasses, a $920 #rafsimons denim shirt jacket, a @trapstarlondon hoodie,$160 @ugg boots and a @dior book tote! Rent her #dior bag at @glamshocked and use the code THEBOMBLIFE for 15% off your first month! Hot! Or Hmm..? #instafashion #style #instastyle #fashionbombdaily #celebritystyle #fashion
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33 thoughts on “#FashionBomb: (notitle)

  1. s1erra_l1nae says:

    Saw a documentary on how Uggs are made. No thank you, next?.

  2. I’m just happy she’s wearing uggs.. I been wearing mine wondering if they’re out of style lol

  3. dcardelfe says:

    @kristinaelainetaylor oh no she better don’t henny

  4. glamshocked says:

    @itsthesfactor we offer rental through a new subscription based service, similar to Netflix ?

  5. wii__89 says:

    I lov @ririgalbadd

  6. @lexy_xoxo98 right. Why would you rent a bag for $500 a month .. no shade, that just seems expensive to me, why not just save and buy it? .. just my opinion, it but clearly people are doing it.. ??‍♀️

  7. lreneegriff says:

    Comfy, cosy casual ?

  8. lexy_xoxo98 says:

    @aliyajones_realestate my thoughts exactly

  9. asiamajorly says:

    Uggs cost 160 now? Smh

  10. asiamajorly says:

    The sunglasses ? are wavy

  11. viewsfromjoe says:

    Ugh she just gets it ❤️

  12. meochabelle says:

    @cococolbz told you she was among the first to be gifted it.

  13. She can do no wrong! Ugh

  14. kwonder1 says:

    She pregnant.. watch.

  15. @aliyajones_realestate exactly! ?

  16. mssoulodolo says:

    I like Eudoxie’s one better

  17. I love it when she looked regular

  18. preevey says:

    Love when rich folks spend dollars to look homeless! No wonder people don’t give homeless money, they think they’re living large ?

  19. pilar4real says:

    @allhailqueenbie what are they called??

  20. Break out the uggs!! Rih has commanded it!!

  21. gringeranda says:

    This woman can pull off any look! ? @badgalriri

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