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#FashionBomb: (notitle)


You ask, we answer! @Patricenoray writes, “Where is her purse from?” #MeghanMarkle stepped out with Prince Harry for a visit to Birkenhead in Merseyside wearing a $6,225 #GabrielaHearst #NinaBag paired with a purple #Aritzia dress and a red #Sentaler coat.
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38 thoughts on “#FashionBomb: (notitle)

  1. She should be a little more modest

  2. She should be a little more modest

  3. bexyjolie says:

    @a.peezy yep or zara

  4. I always love her shoes. ?

  5. Wow! That’s expensive but it’s so dainty. I love it

  6. qu292 says:

    @marianesterova4 how do you mean?

  7. What little bag like that is worth almost 10 gran. The people’s money and all the slave sweat, wow!!!!!??????

  8. @qu292 like not spending on $6000 bag

  9. lreneegriff says:

    Love the purple and red together

  10. bakolelo says:

    @marianesterova4 did you pay for it?

  11. kimbe1214 says:

    Oprah carried the same bag to Meghan and Harry’s wedding.

  12. @bakolelo people who pay taxes did

  13. quantumpeach says:

    $7K for that lil bit of leather? ??‍♀️

  14. I am vomiting with all this money and showing off and all this fake. Please people doesn’t have money to live and all this showing of is disgusting.

  15. ettasam says:

    That’s 2 semesters at uni

  16. _rakei0414_ says:

    @marianesterova4 the bag is what you’re worried about the money going towards. Even though that entire family wears designer and expensive jewelry. She’s the one who needs to spend less? They spend more on Kate

  17. odileko1 says:

    6k the bag not feeling guilty when u go to do charity work? A world of hypocrisy…

  18. freethabeast says:

    That purse ain’t even cute enough to be that expensive

  19. clkumme says:

    @a.peezy there is replicas of this bag I just forget the site??‍♀️.

  20. @maddisonpruitt mines too!! ??✨

  21. clkumme says:


  22. lajefamorena says:

    6k for one purse?!? Nah

  23. preevey says:

    2 and a half month’s mortgage right there ?? not cute enough to be worth it

  24. steelroad says:

    Uuuuuuh… Her dress was said to be $49….her bag at 6k I don’t know. Hmmmm.

  25. That bag costs almost as much as my truck…

  26. ikitatoy says:

    @martinaaharris she is 6 months so she has 2 more months or until she gives birth

  27. a.peezy says:

    @clkumme omg thank you!

  28. Viven de la plata de la abuela

  29. dayanakatyb says:

    She always hold her stomach come on it’s not gonna fall lol

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